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Kevin Needham



Stats: 6’2”

College: Hofstra Universtiy, Columbia University

Location: New York, New York

Willing to travel


Hard Sell                  Valet             Sean Nalaboff     – Yellow Cote productions

One way to drown    Zachary        Issac Rappaport – Rappaort Productions

 Audition                   Man              Matt Heron         – V Productions

Alcoholic Slide         Groom                                        College Humor


Devils Bride                 Borrachio Playwright       Richmond Shepard Theater

 Helen of Troy               Mathematician                East side writers Act co

Lysistrata                       Kinesias                         Hofstra University

 The Skin of our Teeth   Mr. Antrobus                  MH Studios

2010 - present
2010 - present

30 Rock (Fabian Strategy)   Featured Extra    NBC

Gem St                                 Kip                      Pilot Presentation

Training & Workshops

Wynn Handmann                 Scene Study

Anthony Abeson                   Scene Study

Michael Howard Studios       One year and Summer Conservatory

Hofstra University                 Theater Program


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